Mt Everest trekking is the challenging trek done in world topmost mountainous peak. Trekking Everest is done basically by walking and knowing the different places.

Trekking Everest is also done by walking and hiking to the snowy mountains. Trekking Everest is located in khumbu area of Nepal which is popular for the Buddhist monasteries and Hindu temples. The trekkers are suggested not to disturb the monks and other people while they are praying. The slippers and shoes should also be kept outside while entering the religious places like temples and monasteries.

Different parks and wild lives scenes are also can be seen on the trek to the Mt Everest trekking. Sagarmatha national park is the national heritage which will be on the way to the Mt Everest trekking. Many lakes and snowy rivers are the scene tic part of the trekking Everest. Reaching at Kalapatthar a famous place which is at an altitude of 5545 meters the trekkers can glance the beautiful other peaks and Mount Everest by close.

Kathmandu is the place where the trekkers land and from Kathmandu taking 40-45 min air flight they will reach a valley called Lukla. Lukla is the starting point of the trekkers to the Mt Everest trekking trails. Trekking Everest is a short trek expedition which will be of 16-18 days. After the trek completed the trekkers stop at the Lukla and takes air flight to Kathmandu. But if trekkers wants to do other trekking and visiting the other places they can contact the agencies and expand their holiday package.

Mt Everest Trekking